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Minnesota’s own U.G.L.Y. Cheesecake! (Uncommonly Good, Light, Yet…..still Cheesecake). Located in the old Brick House Pizza building at 302 Washigton St., Brainerd. 25+ flavors available for order and always something in stock we’re sure you’ll love!

(218) 851-7806 302 Washigton St., Brainerd, MN
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Our Process


More than just Cheesecakes

Cupcakes, cookies, cakes by the slice and more available in our store!


Only Quality Ingredients

We only source the highest quality available to use in our cheesecakes

Our Great Story

Owners of Jr’s No. 19 BBQ were in their 5th year of catering in Brainerd when one wrong delivery changed the course of their business. They got a case of cream cheese instead of a brick of cream cheese, so they made a cheesecake. It was both a hit and filled a need, as they were looking for a dessert to serve. The cake was delicious, but it looked like it was cooked by barbeque guys – which helped bring the company’s name to life.


Cream Cheese

First we bring our cream cheese to room temperature for that smooth, creamy texture



Scrambled carefully, and added to the batter


Secret Ingredients

We can't tell you this part. It's a secret.



Because you can't absolutely taste the passion of perfecting our U.G.L.Y. Cheesecakes

Along with our wonderful regular cheesecakes, we also offer a limited number of Gluten Free and Keto cheesecakes for order